If you’ve experienced a sudden drop in website traffic, chances are you’ve been hit with a google search penalty. If that penalty was possibly caused by spammy or over-optimized link building, then you need Google Penguin recovery services before revenue dries up completely. Where do you start? It all begins with your “anchor text”.

*2017 UPDATE: Outreach Mama just published a comprehensive anchor text optimization guide for 2017. Check it out for information on the latest changes to Google’s Penguin algorithm.

google penguin recovery

Google’s Penguin Penalty: Look out Small Business.

Over the past few years, Google has implemented adjustments to their algorithms to improve search results for the user. Unfortunately, these adjustments have impacted many small businesses who struggle with Google Penguin recovery. At the same time, they’ve helped big brands who are able to manage large content creation enterprises, dominate.

So what do you do if you’re the best doctor, lawyer, dentist, in town but no one can find your website because you spend all your time serving customers, and not worrying about your website’s anchor text? 

Google Penguin Recovery.

If you’ve been hit by Google’s Penguin Penalty, you need to start by analyzing your backlink profile so you can find the spammy and over-optimizated links and get them out of there. You will see that the spam is pretty easy to identify, but over-optimization is much more nuanced. In fact, even if you have great content but you fail to diversify the anchor text that google is using to contextualize your search, you can get hit with a Penguin penalty.

I made this infographic to help our local clients in San Diego, CA who need a quick demystification of their backlink profiles. There are many sources, but the most important is GotchSEO’s killer post on Anchor Text. I pretty much stole his recommendation on anchor text diversification percentages and made it into an easy graph for you to follow. If you want to learn more about anchor text after checking out this infographic, then I highly recommend you start with his post.     

datalink SEO specializes in helping local businesses in the Greater San Diego area clean up their link profiles so they can get back on track. Call or email to talk about Google penalty recovery services.

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